FireTide FWB-200

FireTide FWB-200

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High-capacity Point-to-point
Firetide FWB-200 outdoor wireless Ethernet bridges provide low-cost, high-capacity connectivity between two locations. FWB-200 utilizes the MIMO technology to provide increased throughput and performance for a backhaul link. FWB-200 is software configurable to operate in 5 and 4.9 GHz.

Complete Infrastructure Solution
FWB-200 product line is a natural expansion of Firetide’s core wireless infrastructure technology. Firetide’s expertise in large-scale wireless mesh networks for video, data and voice applications in harsh environments ensures that its bridges are optimized to provide the highest performance, security and reliability in the industry.

Concurrent Voice, Video, Data
FWB-200 bridge is optimized to provide high-capacity and low-latency connectivity for demanding data, voice and video applications. Point-to-point connectivity is critical for municipalities, public safety, industrial installations and campus environments. In addition to these markets, this product serves the needs of wireless Internet service providers and telecom operators.

Wireless Bridging
FWB-200 provides true bridging functionality and is agnostic to the types of client or protocols on the network. FWB-200 supports transparent overlay of multiple subnet (VLANs) over the point-to-point link. It also provides seamless transport of multicast and broadcast traffic over the point to point link, including IPTV distribution, video on demand, video surveillance and video conferencing. In addition, to prevent bandwidth abuse, FWB-200 provides advanced tools such as multicast rate limits.

Privacy and Security
FWB-200 supports the industry’s highest level of security to ensure privacy for communications and reduce liability for service providers. Like all components of the Firetide wireless mesh and access infrastructure, FWB-200 offers WPA2-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption for an unmatched, solid, and trusted network.

Flexibility of Deployment
Deployed as a standalone solution, the FWB-200 link is managed via a browser based management interface. Customers can also integrate the FWB-200 links into a larger Firetide mesh network managed by HotView Pro™ network management software. Designed for an easy “out-of-the-box” installation experience, the unit pair is shipped preconfigured and with all accessories included. The FWB-200 is bundled with two external 3 in 1 MIMO antennas for 4.9 and 5 GHz. An integrated antenna alignment tool provides step-by-step guidance in achieving maximum signal quality, translating to better network performance and throughput.

Enhanced Radio Management
The FWB-200 enhances the Radio Management capabilities of the bridge by providing a second radio which will be dedicated for RF Monitoring purposes. This enables features such as spectrum analysis, channel load analysis, interference detection and mitigation. Also since the radio is dedicated, this enables faster response to neighborhood RF changes.

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