Tsunami MP8100

Tsunami MP8100

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World Class Performance
With up to 300 Mbps data rates, Tsunami™ MP-8100 delivers wireless performance in excess of 4G
Mobile Roaming
Allows Satellites to seamlessly roam between Base stations at speed up to 70 mph (112 km/h)
Spectrum Analyzer
Operate in an interference free environment with the spectrum analyzer and maximize your throughput
Flexible Channel Planning
Supports licensed and unlicensed frequencies and Dynamic Frequency Selection in all 5GHz band
Advanced Security
Advanced AES encryption for military-grade over-the-air communications to eliminate rogue units
Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE in/out, capable of powering 802.3af compliant devices.
Data Sheets



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COMCODE Description For Use With
PA2-1720-DP 2.3-2.7 GHz, Dual Polarity, Vertical & Horizantal, 20 dBi Panel Antenna PDF US MP-8100
PA5-0530-DP 4.9 - 6.1 GHz, Dual Polarity, Vertical and Horizontal, 30 dBi Panel Antenna PDF A4  Excel MP-8100
PA5-0823-DP 4.9 - 5.875 GHz, Dual Polarity, Slanted (±45º) or V/H, 23 dBi Panel Antenna PDF US  Excel MP-8100
SA5-6017-DP 4.9 - 6.1 GHz, Dual Polarity, Slanted (±45º), 17 dBi Sector Antenna - 60 degrees PDF A4 MP-8100
PA5-2017-TP 5.1 - 6.1 GHz, Triple Polarization MIMO, Slanted (±45º) and Vertical, 17 dBi Panel Antenna PDF A4 MP-8100
SA5-9014-DP 4.9-5.95GHz, Dual Polarity,Vertical and Horizontal, 14dBi Sector Antenna- 90 degrees. Mounting kit Incd. PDF A4  Excel MP-8100
SA5-9016-TP 4.9 - 6.1 GHz, Triple Polarizations MIMO, Slanted (±45º) and Vertical, 16 dBi Sector Antenna - 90 degrees PDF A4 MP-8100
SA5-6015-DP 4.9-6GHz, Dual Polarity,Vertical /Horizontal,16.5 dBi Sector Antenna - 60 degrees.Mounting kit Incd. PDF A4  Excel MP-8100
SA6-9016-DP 5.900-6.425 GHz Dual Polarized Base Station Antenna 90 degrees PDF US | A4 RUS MP-8100
SA6-6017-DP 5.900-6.425 GHz Dual Polarized Base Station Antenna 60 degrees PDF US | A4 RUS MP-8100
PA6-0824-DP 5.7-6.425 GHz Dual Polarized Subscriber Antenna PDF US | A4 RUS MP-8100
ETH-CAP-20 Super Gland AVC connector, cable feed thru (for new enclosure (NTE)) - Pack of 20 MP-8100
CPE-ETH-CAP-20 Cable Feed-Through Sealing Cap kits, PACK OF 20 (MP/QB.11) MP-8100
ETH-STP-25 25m outdoor, RJ45 terminated, UV Rated, STP Shielded CAT5e cable MP-8100
ETH-STP-50 50m outdoor, RJ45 terminated, UV Rated, STP Shielded CAT5e cable MP-8100
ETH-STP-75 75m outdoor, RJ45 terminated, UV Rated, STP Shielded CAT5e cable MP-8100
RF-SURGE-N 2-6 GHz High Performance RF Lightning Arrestor, N-Female to N-Male Protected PDF A4 MP-8100
ETH-POEINJ-1G Gigabit , 32W, PoE injector with RJ45 and reload button PDF A4 MP-8100
8000-UMK Outdoor Universal Mounting Kit for TMP.11; TMP.16; TMP8000 PDF A4 MP-8100
CBL-600-6-RA 6 ft Super-Low Loss Coaxial Antenna Cable, 0.600", Standard N-Male to Right Angle N-Male MP-8100
PoE Gigabit 48V DC Injector with terminal Jack - 25 pack PDF A4 MP-8100
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